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Who Really Wants to be a Bald Head Scally-Wag?

Black Hair

Not me!

Let’s be honest..the buzz cut might look good on Tamar Braxton, but we all can’t leave our man and shave our heads #fortheculture. And, since I’ve already done one BIG CHOP, I’ve been seriously looking for alternative ways to thicken my hair.

My college friend has been hounding me raving about these Hair, Skin and Nails pills for a few years. She swears by them and ensures they offer proven results! So much so, that she became a brand ambassador for the company a little over five years ago.

Recently, she hoodwinked convinced me to try them out. So, I’m teaming up with the company to host a 90-day hair challenge, as my OFFICIAL blog kick-off!

Between now and May 7 (challenge starts May 15), I’m looking for a few HAUTE girls (and guys) to join me as I review the popular Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins from It Works! Global. You know, “that crazy wrap” company. I know, I know. The wraps have me “side-eyeing” them too. BUT, based on my research, It Works! a TON of other products, including the Hair, Skin and Nails pills, that have great reviews.

Check out my college friend’s results below.

REAL PHOTO ~ Hair growth after just 60 days of using It Works! Global Hair Skin and Nails vitamins.

A photo really is worth a thousand words, because her hair is looking longer, shiny-er and healthier right? And, guess what? These results came from only 60 days of use!

You know what they say,

Men lie, women lie, but RESULTS don’t!”

Her results are BOMB! And, just because we’re girlfriends, if YOU join my challenge, today, you will receive 40% off of the retail price, FO-EVA!

So, who’s down because you can’t beat results or a steal! Pick one, below.

Yes, give me 40% off girl! 

I’m interested, but I’d rather pay full price. 

I need more information.  

To keep you encouraged and engaged, our challenge will include length checks, tips/tricks to enhance growth, a final review and a grand prize winner! Plus you’ll end up with longer/thicker hair, stronger nails and glowing skin.

How many times do I have to ask, are you down?

Sign up today! 

Stay Haute,


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